About me…

Why Rum compass? I firmly believe there is a Rum for everyone, you just might not have found yours yet. I want to help you find yours and show you the way. I have been enjoying Rum for many years and have learned a lot along the way and want to share this knowledge to help everyone. I also remember a little poem;

“May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose your rum be spiced and your compass be true.”

To me this is about the truth (although I do enjoy some spiced rums). I agree  with the saying in the Rum community ‘drink what you like but know what you are drinking’. More and more people are expecting the truth from brands regarding the contents of their Rums.  A classification is growing momentum currently to get Rum producers to promote the truth about distillation, ageing process, origin and things added to the Rum such as caramel for colour or sugar for taste and I whole heartedly agree with this. I liken this to food. In trying to eat more healthily I look at ingredients all the time and want to know if it is Organic, does it contain preservatives, artificial colours and has it added sugar? Yes, I do like a take away every now and again but its not trying to advertise itself as a Michelin starred restaurant with years of history behind it so I know what I’m getting. I want and deserve the truth about my Rum and so do you!

Hopefully Rumcompass will show you the way to discover the Rum for you!