#rumfamily : Favourite Rum Writers-Steven James

Continuing the #rumfamily series we turn our attention to the Rum writers and first up is Steven James

#rumfamily : Favourite Brand Ambassadors-Dean MacGregor

We have known Dean for a few years and appreciate his enthusiasm for Rum and his infectious positivity!

#rumfamily : Favourite Bartenders-Des 'ert Orchid' Yatigammana

Closer to home we get an insight from the current Rum and Re’al Bartender of the year, Des Yatigammana

#rumfamily : Favourite Bartenders-Barney Toy

Back to New Zealand to get an insight from Barney Toy.

#rumfamily : Favourite Brand Ambassadors-Zan Kong

This is someone that has not only introduced us to some of our favourite Rums but is just a super cool guy #welovezan

#rumfamily : Favourite Cachaca Advocate-Leszek Wedzicha

Cachaca Advocate-Leszek Wedzicha

#rumfamily : Favourite Brand Ambassadors-Yves Calabre

Next up in the #rumfamily series is our third brand ambassador, Yves Calabre.

#rumfamily : Favourite Brand Ambassadors-Dave Marsland

Continuing with the #rumfamily series, It's time to meet our second brand ambassador, Dave Marsland

#rumfamily : Favourite Brand Ambassadors-Peter Thornton

Starting with one of the nicest and most helpful guys we've met, Peter Thornton.