#rumfamily : Favourite Distillers-Richard Seale

The #rumfamily series turns it's attention to those that are at the heart of the category. First up is the Foursquare master distiller, Richard Seale, who produces truly exceptional Rums from Barbados.

#rumfamily : Favourite Bar Owners-Carla Lopez & Martin McDermott

Continuing the #rumfamily series with an interview from Pukiki Tiki bar owners Carla & Martin.

Black Tears Launches in UK

Press Release - Black Tears Launches in UK
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#rumfamily : Favourite Rum Writers-Matt Pietrek

Next in the #rumfamily series we get to know someone who shares deep insights into the world of spirits and cocktails and of course Rum as part of this, 'Matt Pietrek-Cocktail Wonk'.

#rumfamily : Favourite all rounders-Rumcask

Next up in the #rumfamily series is the trio of awesome gents that make up Rumcask.

Cachaca Cocktails-Part 2

After the success of the first night creating Cachaca cocktails we decided to go back to the guys at Haycock & Tailbar Associates and see what they could do with some more awesome Cachacas.

#rumfamily : Favourite Brand Ambassadors-Miguel Smith

The next brand ambassador in the #rumfamily series is the one and only Miguel Smith. We have known Miguel for many years and he was one of the first to really open our eyes to the world of Rum!

#rumfamily : Favourite Bartenders-Joseph Wilkins

This time #rumfamily is once again in London to hear from someone we have enjoyed many a great cocktail with at one of the UKs best Rum lounges, Trailer Happiness, the awesome Joseph Wilkins

#rumfamily : Favourite - Kate Perry

Next up in the #rumfamily series we get an in depth view from someone who manages the La Maison and Velier portfolio in the US, Kate Perry.