#rumfamily : Favourite Brand Ambassadors-Zan Kong

Next up in the #rumfamily series is our fourth brand ambassador, Zan Kong. This is someone that has not only introduced us to some of our favourite Rums but is just a super cool guy #welovezan

How long have you been a brand ambassador?
Well technically I am in the role of the Export Sales Manager; but because we are a small and growing company I tend to wear many hats. One of which is acting as an ambassador for all things Worthy Park! I’ve been with the company since mid-2015.
Which brands do you represent?
All of the brands coming straight from Worthy Park:
Rum-Bar White Overproof Rum, Rum-Bar Silver, Rum-Bar Gold and Rum-Bar Rum Cream. And we’ve now also launched our Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve, Special Cask Series and our Worthy Park Single Estate 2006.

What got you into it?
I’d like to say divine intervention 😉 as I’ve always been a Rum drinker and Rum fan but my experiences of it were as a consumer and buyer (when I worked in various Hotel Management positions).

When the opportunity came up to jump on board with the Worthy Park team to help develop the export market, there was no hesitation. The story, the history, the heritage that we have at Worthy Park coupled with the quality of the Rum we are making made it a no-brainer!

What is the Best thing about representing a brand?
Knowing I’m representing a brand that is 100% Jamaican owned and operated dating back to 1670; and that promoting not only a Rum but the island of Jamaica is second to none for me. Changing people’s perceptions on what “Rum” is, that’s always fun too.

What is the worst thing about representing a brand?
I travel the world visiting the best bars and restaurants, in some of the best cities out there, with the amazing worldwide rum-fam, whats not to love? LOL. In all seriousnes though, I do spend a lot of time on the road and that means leaving my partner and kids for extended periods. That’s definitely the hardest part.
What advice would you give to someone looking for a career in the industry?
Find a brand you love and stands for what you believe in. Also, never feel like you have to finish that drink and focus on balancing the late nights, late meals and airport food with some healthy activities.
Can you recommend some bars to enjoy your brand in?
Too many to list! But since you’re in London, I’ll just say that you can always find me at Laki Kane, Trailer Happiness and of course, Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records!
How is the industry changing in regards to Rum?
Slowly but surely, the perception of Rum is moving from being the cheap, terribly tasting, only for mixing spirit to one that is respected for it’s diversity. There is definitely a movement to artistically produced Rum and of course, knowing where your Rum is coming from and knowing the people who are behind it. To use a bad pun, this change is slow like molasses though!
Is there anything exciting on the horizon we should look out for?
Our first ever vintage product, Worthy Park Single Estate 2006 should be on your side of the pond within the next couple of months. Of course, we have up to 14 year old Rum now at Worthy Park and are experimenting with ageing of different marks but also ageing in various casks. There’s going to be lots of exciting products coming out over the next 1.5 – 2 years and beyond.
What is your drink of choice using your brand?
Depends on my mood but these are pretty much my go-to’s:
Rum-Bar Gold: Jasper’s Planters Punch
Rum-Bar Silver: Daiquiri
Rum-Bar Overproof: Banana Daiquiri
Rum-Bar Rum Cream: Over Ice
Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve: Old Fashioned