#rumfamily : Streamertail Rum Launch

Recently we were invited to the launch of Streamertail Rum. We first met the founder, Archie, about a year ago when he shared his intent and passion to bring this Rum to market. 12 months later we were invited to the launch which shows where passion can get you!

The launch event was held at The Bach, Hoxton. It provided an opportunity to taste and buy Streamertail Rum whilst also tasting it in a range of cocktails from the Rum Runner which included the Rum favourites, Daiquiri and Mojito as well as an Eastern Promise (combining Streamertail, lime, lemongrass and ginger). My favourite on the night however was a simple Rum & Tonic with a couple of dashes of Angosura bitters. The addition of canapes by Sophie Pexton made for an all round enjoyable evening. A nice touch was the Streamertail raffle which you were entered into automatically when purchasing a bottle of Rum. Prizes included a £50 voucher to Laki Kane, 3 months subscription to Little Rum Box and 2 tickets to a Streamertail Rum cocktail class. Unfortunately we didn’t win but it didn’t diminish our enjoyment of the evening.

From the press release I can tell you that:

Streamertail Rum is a premium white rum for anyone who likes flavour and quality. It sits perfectly as a bridge between ginthusiasts and Rum connoisseurs. Its delicious flavour comes from the traditional distilling methods in Jamaica which is blended with a Rum from Trinidad for a super smooth finish avoiding any added sugars, flavours or colouring.

The blend is predominantly Jamaican – Hampdens, Worthy Park and Monymusk, with an aged and filtered Angostura in there for the smooth finish.

It’s versatile enough to sip or mix, and accessible enough to be enjoyed by all.

Archie Burden, Founder said:

“I think that the rise of premium Gin has shown people white/unaged spirits, when well produced, can be packed with flavour and deliciously smooth. A lot of people in the spirits world get caught up in their aged, spiced, dyed spirits, but I wanted to focus on the traditional distilling methods used to create flavour. Having spent a long time working and researching Rum in Jamaica and experiencing the beauty of the spirit at the source, I thought – this is something I have to bring back to England and adapt for the thirsty UK market. Every Rum producing Island has unique characteristics, and this is something I wanted to celebrate”

Thanks to the gin boom, consumers’ tastes have been enlightened to the beauty of well made drinks, and are happy to try something that they know has been produced with care and quality at the forefront. There have also been rumours for some time that rum will be “the next big thing.” Whether it is or not, there’s always room for something delicious with a fresh approach.

Streamertail Rum puts the emphasis on being pure and unadulterated, paying homage to the traditional distillation methods which allow for maximum flavour.

More about Archie

Archie is 28 and was a chef in London. Out of a love of Reggae, Scotch Bonnet chillies, Caribbean culture and most importantly Rum, Archie left his job as a chef in London with a mission to create the world’s finest white Rum. His journey took him to Jamaica where his passion and thirst for knowledge led him to develop Streamertail Rum from start to finish.

For months he immersed himself in the Jamaican Rum culture, working in distilleries, learning from Rum blenders in Kingston and being shown the best ways to enjoy the drink. While sipping on a delicious Rum by a waterfall in the Jamaican jungle and feeding a Streamertail bird from his hand, he wished his friends and family were there to share the experience. The best way he could bring this moment home was in a bottle!

We enjoyed a great evening showing how well the Rum can be used in a cocktail. I could sip this neat but absolutely see its place in the cocktail world. It currently retails at £35. For more info contact:

Streamertail Rum