#rumfamily : Favourite Bartenders-Des ‘ert Orchid’ Yatigammana

Closer to home we get an insight from the current Rum and Re’al Bartender of the year, Des Yatigammana. As with most of the #rumfamily we met Des at the UK Rumfest in London. Since then we always make a point of visiting him for some quality cocktails whenever we are in London!

How long have you been bartending?
I’ve been in the game since 1998 so 20 years now.

What made you decide you wanted to work behind a bar?
So this is the absolute truth, I saw the film Cocktail and wanted to be Tom Cruise.

Where do you find your inspiration for new cocktails?
To be fair everywhere… what ever interests me at the time!

What’s your go to ingredient?
Again whatever I’m really into at that moment.

What’s your proudest accomplishment so far?
Too many to be fair… being part of the Callooh Callay team that won best cocktail menu in the world… being in a national newspaper numerous times… getting high-fived by Cameron Diaz after my cocktails blew her mind… representing Malaysia in the South East Asia Bacardi Legacy final… and many more!

Define the perfect cocktail?
I think the perfect cocktail depends on the person. Everyone has different tastes but I feel if it’s balanced to the individual then it’s perfect.

What is your go to drink on a night out?
Guinness and Ocho Tequila.

What’s your favourite thing about working behind a bar?
Meeting new people and working with my extended family (my bar family)

What’s your least favourite thing about working behind a bar?
Nothing… hence why I’m I’m still doing it.

What is your favourite drink to make?
Anything… even better if I’m making it for myself.

Where can we find you to enjoy your cocktails?
Laki Kane is where you’ll find me! See you soon!