#rumfamily : Favourite Brand Ambassadors-Dean MacGregor

The next brand ambassador in the #rumfamily series is the one and only Dean MacGregor. We have known Dean for a few years and appreciate his enthusiasm for Rum and his infectious positivity!

How long have you been a brand ambassador?
I started with Speciality Brands 6 months ago, so 4ish years in total.

Which Brands do you represent?
I am very fortunate to work with an amazing portfolio, so Hampden Estate, Veritas, Clairin – The Spirit of Haiti, Trois Rivieres, Habitation Velier & Velier Independent Bottlings. The last 6 months have been amazing!

What got you into it?
I worked in bars for around 10 years and really gravitated towards Rum; the diversity, history and of course the Daiquiri’s. How I got into working on the brand side of things was really a perfect storm of a love of Rum, bartending, great people & mentors, some geekiness and bit of luck.

What is the Best thing about being a brand ambassador?
Not going to lie, there’s a fair few things I love about the job, so can’t pick one. Working with passionate people and brands that are really pushing the category forward. Spreading the good word and changing preconceptions of what people believe Rum is. And to top that off the people, the bars and the community as a whole are all awesome!

What is the worst thing about being a brand ambassador?
Trains… I bloody hate trains.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a career in the industry?
Do what you love, don’t brand bash and leave your ego at the door.

Can you recommend some bars to enjoy your brands in?
Milk Bar in Reading, The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green, Punch Room in Central London, Panda & Sons in Edinburgh, Science & Industry in Manchester, Pennyroyal in Cardiff and Hyde & Co in Bristol.
(Trailer, Laki Kane, Black Parrot and Burlock all go without saying obviously)

How is the industry changing in regards to Rum?
Preconceptions are changing and there is far more understanding of the category as more people are realising the diversity and quality of the Rums out there. For example, we’re finding that Agave fans are dipping into the Rum category through Clairin and Whisky fans are realising the joy of Pot Still Jamaican Rums. I like to think that we’re in the middle of a Rum Renaissance.

Is there anything exciting on the horizon we should look out for?
We’re bringing lots of new and exciting rums into the UK this year… watch this space!

What is your drink of choice using your brand?
I’m a sucker for Daiquiri’s and I work with so many cracking rums that make incredible Daiquiris, so never short for variations. However Clairin Sajous Paloma’s are my thing right now. You can thank me later…