Aroma Academy Rum Aroma Training Kit

Since Christmas I have been spending time with the Aroma Academy ‘Rum’ Aroma Training kit. I was first introduced to this in 2016 when I attended the Rum University as part of Rumfest. Kim Lahiri delivered a session which was very informative and made a lot of sense.

The kit is aimed at both industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. It contains 24 aroma nosing samples selected by Dr George Dodd who is a leading specialist aroma scientist.

First inspection is that it is an attractive presentation box. Upon opening the box not only are there the 24 aroma samples but also blank nosing strips, recording sheets and an explanatory spiral bound booklet. The booklet is both a guide on how to use the kit but also contains information on how to nose and taste Rum as well as some examples of aroma profiles of Rum. 

The 24 aromas are those which are commonly found in Rum ranging from vanilla, molasses, tropical fruits and caramel as well as others such as leather, tobacco and cask aged. The first time I attempted to identify the aromas I did it blind. I have to say it was an interesting experiment. Some are more obvious than others but of course this is all dependent on your own experience of the aromas. Point of reference is so important and this is why I was so happy to receive the kit to build up my own aroma reference library (something I have mentioned in a previous article how to taste Rum). I was able to identify 12 of the 24 which I thought was ok. Since then I have returned to the box and now more are familiar. Some remain tricky as they are quite subtle but I am sure that over time my knowledge of these will improve.

Overall I am really pleased with the kit. It is not cheap at £99.95 but I do recommend it, if like me, you want to expand your knowledge and develop both your aroma vocabulary and understanding of Rum.

The Aroma Academy also produce other kits such as Bourbon, Whisky or Wine as well offering training courses both face to face and E-learning. The website for more information can be found here at Aroma Academy.

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