Appleton tasting

Appleton Estate Rum Tasting Feb 2019

I try to attend as many Rum tastings as possible to expand…

Aroma Academy Rum Aroma Training Kit

Since Christmas I have been spending time with the Aroma…

Taste of St Lucia

Every now and again things fall into place and Saturday was…

What makes the best Old Fashioned?

Whilst enjoying Old Fashioned Week 2018 here at Rumcompass HQ…

Foursquare Exceptional Cask Release Tasting (March 2018)

Earlier this year I was fortunate to be invited to the latest…

Bimber Distillery

Nestled in the west of London is the Bimber Distillery. We…
rare rums tasting

Rare Rums tasting

It's not everyday that you get to try Rare rums but during this…
Laki Kane spiced dry rum club

Laki Kane Spiced Dry Rum Club

Recently we decided to try the new Spiced Dry Rum Club at Laki…