Cachaça, more than a Caipirinha


Cachaça is one of the biggest spirits in the world in terms of production and yet it is relatively unknown as most of it stays in Brazil where it has been produced for the past 400 years or so. There are over 5000 brands available in Brazil including Weber Haus, Avua, Dom Bre, Fuze and Yaguara to name a few, some of which are making it over to the UK. Cachaça is easy to drink and mixes well in cocktails. There are also some aged Cachaças which are exceptional and perfect for enjoying neat. In the UK, those those that have heard of it usually associate it with the classic cocktail, Caipirinha (pictured left, half Lime, cut into wedges, 2 tsp sugar, 60ml Cachaça. Muddle the sugar and lime in a glass, fill with ice and add the Cachaça, stir briefly and serve).


As good as this is, there are other Cachaça cocktails out there. Here a few to get you started.




Cachaça goes really well with fresh Cloudy Apple juice. This Maça cocktail combines both with a little Lime juice and Elderflower liqueur.

60ml Cachaça, 15ml Elderflower liqueur, 45ml fresh cloudy apple juice, 15ml fresh lime juice

Shaken with ice and fine strained, apple garnish







Avua de Vida



2oz Cachaça (I used Weber Haus, Barris de Balsamo) 1oz simple syrup, 3/4 oz fresh lemon juice, 4 Raspberries, 4 Blackberries

Muddle fruit & simple syrup, add other ingredients, ice and shake. Double strain and garnish with raspberry/blackberry & mint sprig








Azure Martini



60ml Cachaça (I used Engenho Sao Luiz aged 3 years), 7.5ml cinnamon schnapps, 30ml apple juice, 15ml fresh lime juice, 7.5ml sugar syrup

Shaken with ice and fine strained, apple garnish. Cinnamon apple pie with a subtle hint of Cachaça





Cachaça Daiquiri



60ml Yaguara Cachaça, 15ml fresh lime juice, 15ml mineral water, 7.5ml sugar syrup

Shaken over ice, fine strain











60ml Avua Cachaça, 15ml Clement Creole Shrub, 15ml Maraschino Cherry liqueur, 22.5ml fresh lime juice

Shaken over ice and fine strained with a garnish of lime and Cherry










The Beja Flor


60ml Cachaça (I used hof), 30ml triple sec, 30ml banana liqueur, 15ml fresh lemon juice

Shaken with ice and fine strained, lemon peel garnish. Sweet banana and Cachaça

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