Laki Kane spiced dry rum club

Laki Kane Spiced Dry Rum Club

Recently we decided to try the new Spiced Dry Rum Club at Laki Kane. This is currently aimed at those new to Rum wishing to extend their knowledge but we think it has more possibilities in the future. The experience started downstairs in the main bar as we were warmly welcomed by Georgi Radev (15 years in the Rum and tropical drinks industry and co-owner) and a house cocktail called the Laki Kane.

We were then taken upstairs to the beautifully laid out Rum Club. Here another cocktail was served (a variation on the Missionaries downfall using the house spiced Rum to show how it might be used) with some nibbles and water.

After a brief discussion about the evening, why it was created and a little more about Georgi we were shown a video outlining what is Rum and its history. This is professionally done and has a nice scrolling effect which matches the journey through time. It also strikes the right balance in terms of information vs detail. Following the video another cocktail was served which was a Rum punch.

This is where the interactive element began starting with the tasting of fresh sugar cane, sugar cane juice and then molasses before sampling different styles of Rum.  (It is also worth noting at this point that Laki Kane have their own sugar cane mill upstairs pressing their own sugar cane juice for use in all of their cocktails – this is a welcome alternative to refined sugar syrups).  Georgi scrolled through some additional images whilst talking through the production process using different sugar cane products and distillation methods using different stills. This is a great opportunity to benefit from Georgi’s passion and knowledge of all things Rum and he was more than happy to answer questions and discuss different elements in more detail.

You then get to choose your own 5 spices from the 20 available. They are grouped into 3 categories of strong, citrusy and aromatic and you get to double up on one. I went for nutmeg, vanilla, cassia bark, liquorice and doubled up on Kafir lime. Each one has been pre measured which makes the process so easy and the Rum is already in the still. The base is a London based molasses Rum from the Bimber distillery which we have visited previously. 

Once the spices have been added to your individual still it is time to wait for it to get up to the 74-78 degrees for the distillation to begin. This was a good opportunity to stretch the legs as it takes a few minutes. I must admit I was quite excited when the distillate appeared and you are given a small cup to sample as the process occurs.

Overtime the spices developed in the samples. You wait until about 400ml has been distilled while enjoying another cocktail, this time a Rum and tonic, and then your Rum is added to your own bottle which you name with the label verified by Georgi. 

The Rum is diluted back down to approximately 40% alcohol by vol by adding distilled water and mixing gently. You then have your own bottle of spiced Rum to take home and are also given a goody bag with Laki Kane spiced Rum club products.

There are 20 spaces available and I can see that it would make a great gift or corporate event.

Our evening ended downstairs with another cocktail.

Overall this was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone wishing to learn more about Rum while enjoying some great artisanal cocktails.

check out the link to find out more.

Spiced Dry Rum Club





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