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#rumfamily : Favourite Bartenders-Alexander Taylor

In the second part of Favourite Bartenders we travel to Cardiff to get to know Alexander Taylor.

We first met Alex after attending a Rum festival in Cardiff and everyone recommended his bar Pennyroyal for drinks after. We were not disappointed!

How long have you been bartending?

6 years

What made you decide you wanted to work behind a bar?

I was travelling and I needed money. I got lucky that I liked it so much!

Where do you find your inspiration for new cocktails?

We write heavily detailed themed menus, so we have a pretty set structure to sit within. The rest of the time it’s just coming up with flavour combinations and wanting to test them.

What’s your go to ingredient?

Drops of absinthe. My dasher has the label “ketchup” because it makes everything better.

What’s your proudest accomplishment so far?

Both menus we’ve written for Pennyroyal have reached the final shortlists at Imbibe’s Drinkslist awards, and I personally was in the top 6 bar managers of the year with Class this year.

Define the perfect cocktail?

A cocktail should be something which tastes like more than the sum of it’s parts. Add to that a great story and beautiful presentation and they are even better. If it’s a Rum cocktail that’s more perfect still!

What is your go to drink on a night out?

A Daiquiri, 6-2-1 with rich simple to be precise, oh and a drop of absinthe if the mood takes me.

What’s your favourite thing about working behind a bar?

Every shift is different and it’s the only real outlet in my life I find that makes me creative.

What’s your least favourite thing about working behind a bar?

The loss of sleep


What is your favourite drink to make?

Mai Tai’s and Martinis

Pictured Mai Tai

30ml Plantation Xaymaca

20ml Rhum JM VSOP

10ml Plantation Dark

15ml Ferrand dry Curacao

25 lime

20ml Homemade Orgeat (secret recipe blend of nuts additional to almond)

Where can we find you to enjoy your cocktails?

Pennyroyal in Cardiff

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